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In-the-loop and SOCRATES (2019)

2019 SOCRATES (later merged to Knowlands) & In the Loop  

1) SOCRATES (Knowlands). During the Covid-19 pandemic “De  

Scholierenacademie” started the “Knowlands” project to explain several types of  research methods via online “lespakketten”. The project was officially introduced to  high school teachers on November 4, 2021. During that day, the 2019 cohort hosted  workshop sessions with high school teachers. All videos, events and relevant  information are accessible through the Knowlands website (see Knowlands).  

2) In the Loop.

In the Loop (ITL) is an internal information platform specifically designed to help streamline the presentation of information for early career  researchers, new staff, and their families. This has a community building element and  enhances equality and access to information. The ITL project was delayed due to Covid-19 since it required the involvement of CIT staff, who were extremely occupied  providing support for online education and events. Despite these setbacks, the In the  Loop website will be launched in mid-April 2022.

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