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YAG ECR lunch: Failing forward | 15 th November

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You are invited to our next YAG ECR Lunch:

Failing forward

When: November 15th, 2023, 12.00 - 14.00 hrs

Where: Academy Building, 1st floor, Bruinszaal

As academics, we are constantly showcasing our successes and celebrating our scholarly and professional achievements, but by only focusing on successes, we risk giving off the impression that things simply always work out for us. This is far away from the truth. Behind the outward image of success, we are individuals, with our own story of struggles and failures. The 2021 YAG Cohort project, named “Failing Forward”, wants to reframe failure in a constructive way to fuel personal and societal development.

In a hypercompetitive environment, it is crucial to highlight that failure is also part and parcel of academic success. Our broader aim is to seek to balance the record, provide some perspective, and encourage colleagues and aspiring scientists to keep trying in the face of recurring rejections or disappointments: we are all humans and failure is an important part of our success. Making failures visible can help to accept this.

The goal of this ECR lunch is to launch the Cohort project, and in particular the CV of Failures, but also to invite all participants to discuss how they perceive failure in their academic work, share experiences of failure (and success), the pros and cons of making ourselves vulnerable by normalizing failure in this way, and reflect together on ways to think beyond failure in academia.

The ECR lunch will consist of breakout group discussions on this theme, guided by general questions/pointers to be introduced at the start of the session.

Participation in this event is free and lunch is included, but registration is required. Please register here

We want to take this opportunity to invite you all to contribute to the upcoming CV of Failures, you can do that by filling in the form via the button below!

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