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Working groups

All members of the Young Academy Groningen work within one or more of the four YAG Working Groups. These working groups are based on four themes which exemplify the broader applications of academic research. They are based upon similar principles as the KNAW's Dutch National Young Academy, De Jonge Akademie. For more information about the activities and our working groups, visit our What we do pages.

  1. Policy:
    The Policy working group develops a vision of (academic) policy

    regarding e.g. funds, staff performance evaluation criteria, NWA - National Science Agenda, UG themes) and speaks out on this in the form of meetings, writing position papers, and involvement in debates and discussions. The group aims to bring together the community of UG early-career researchers, by organising workshops/meetings on (academic) policy issues and communicating with other Young Academies in the Netherlands to exchange ideas on policy-related matters. More information >>

  2. Public Engagement:

    The Public Engagement working group develops a vision of YAG’s specific opportunities for outreach, complementing existing activities at the UG. The group initiates outreach activities and explores opportunities for interactive rather than unidirectional communication. More information >>

  3. Interdisciplinarity

    The interdisciplinary working group stimulates dialogue and collaboration between disciplines. It celebrates the diversity of disciplines at the University of Groningen and organises events where experts from different fields are brought together to reflect on academic, scientific or societal themes that benefit from a multidisciplinary approach. The group also stimulates the interdisciplinary gain of the PhD projects allotted to the YAG. More information >>

  4. Diversity and Inclusion

    The Diversity and Inclusion working group works towards a supportive rather than challenging working environment for early-career researchers at the UG. It promotes mentorship and coaching for all staff. It explores a more diverse tenure-track system, which rewards papers and grants as well as teaching and other contributions to the organisation. The group aims to promote and maintain the university’s diversity and inclusivity of all academics, with a specific focus on early-career researchers and organises events at which such topics are addressed (informative), or events through which diversity and inclusivity will be promoted (hands-on). Moreover, the group aims to identify issues that may be at the root of inequality related to gender, nationality, race, religion, language, etc.

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