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National Networks

Other Local Young Academies in the Netherlands

Several universities in the Netherlands have also found Young Academies. Please visit their websites to learn more.

The Dutch National Young Academy, De Jonge Akademie (KNAW)

The Young Academy is a dynamic and innovative group of top young scientists and scholars with outspoken views about science, scholarship, and related policy. The Young Academy organises inspiring activities for various target groups focusing on interdisciplinarity, science policy, and the interface between science and society.

Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschap (Dutch Royal Academy of Science) (KNAW)

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1808 as an advisory body to the Dutch Government – a role that it continues to play today. The Academy derives its authority from the quality of its members, who represent the full spectrum of scientific and scholarly endeavour and are selected on the basis of their achievements. It is also responsible for thirteen internationally renowned institutes whose research and collections put them in the vanguard of Dutch science and scholarship.

Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschap (Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities) (KHMV)

The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities was established in 1752 by seven distinguished burghers of the city of Haarlem, in the then Republic of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, in order to promote science (in the broadest sense, including the ‘arts’). It is the oldest learned society in the country today and is constituted as a dual body comprising approximately 380 science promoters (known as directors) and about 480 scholars (known as members), drawn from the natural sciences, the humanities and the social sciences. Links with institutions outside the Netherlands are maintained - on a personal basis - by the appointment of foreign members, currently numbering about 40 persons.

Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)

In the Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL), Dutch universities work together towards a strong university sector. The 14 Dutch universities within the Universiteiten van Nederland show the outside world how they fulfil their social function, formulate shared ambitions relating to academic education and research and valorisation, and lobby for the preconditions needed to realise these ambitions.

Dutch Science Foundation (NWO)

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) is one of the most important science funding bodies in the Netherlands and realises quality and innovation in science. Each year, NWO invests almost 1 billion euros in curiosity-driven research, research related to societal challenges and research infrastructure.

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