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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Healthy Ageing in Society


Objectives of the research theme Healthy Ageing in Society are to conduct research

  • on healthy ageing, where ageing is seen to start at the time of conception
  • on health ageing in society, i.e. at
  •        macro-level (population or region)
  •        meso-level (institutions such as family or care institutions)
  •        micro-level (individuals)
  • driven by theoretical frameworks on subjective well-being and ageing, the cultural meaning of ageing, family care
  • within a comparative framework: projects are conducted in The (northern) Netherlands and Asia (Pakistan)
  • applying both quantitative and qualitative research methods such as population register data; surveys; in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and observation
  • focusing -besides academic output- on translation of research into policy and intervention.

PRC Groningen took the initiative for and is one of the three research collaborators in the research programme Healthy Ageing: Population and Society (HAPS), a collaboration between PRC Groningen, Dept of Epidemiology at UMCG and Dept of Sociology at the UG.

Ongoing projects

Key Publication

  • Stolk, Hutter, Wittek. Population ageing research: a family of disciplines. Eur J Epidemiol
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