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10-9-2018 - 12-9-2018: British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) Conference 2018 in Winchester

  • Dr. Brian Gillespie chaired the session 'Residential relocations in a family context'
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented 'Non‐resident children as a constraint to migration: the role of re‐partnering' Chair: Dr. Brian Gillespie
  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented 'Moving towards family after union dissolution in the United States' Chair: Dr. Brian Gillespie
  • Dr. Michael Thomas presented 'The role of family ties and events on the migration behaviour of adult children and older parents in Norway' Chair: Philip Rees

20-8-2018 - 7-9-2018: Research stay of Clara Mulder at Umeå University to work with Gunnar Malmberg and Emma Lundholm

6-6-2018: FamilyTies-meeting in Brussels

6-6-2018 - 9-6-2018: European Population Conference 2018 in Brussels

  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented ‘ Moving Towards Family after Union Dissolution in the United States ’. Chair: Katrin Schwanitz
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented ‘From living apart to living together: The impact of women's children born before the current partnership’. Chair: Brienna Perelli-Harris

3-4-2018 - 4-4-2018: Workshop ‘Parental Life Courses after Separation and Divorce’ in Berlin. Prof. Clara Mulder gave a presentation on ‘Migration and living arrangements of separated parents’. Chair: Katja Köppen

12-3-2018 - 16-3-2018: Dr. Amy Spring visited Groningen to work with the FamilyTies team

22-11-17: Dutch Demography Day at the Academy Building of Utrecht University organised by the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD).

  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented the official start-up article of the FamilyTies-project by the name of 'Putting family centre-stage: Family ties and internal migration'. Chair: Auke Vonk
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented preliminary results for her article 'From living apart to living together: Single mothers' partner relationships in the Netherlands'. Chair: Ruben van Gaalen

9-10-17: Prof. Clara Mulder participated in ‘Night of Science & Society (/De Avond van Wetenschap & Maatschappij/)’, dinner event in the Ridderzaal in The Hague

03-10-17: Data awareness meeting with the FamilyTies team of the University of Groningen and members of the IT-department

07-09-17: Prof. Clara Mulder gave a key-note lecture at the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) 2017 Annual Conference in Liverpool: ‘Putting family centre-stage: Family ties and spatial mobility’. Chair: Professor Jane Falkingham

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