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28-11-2018: Dutch Demography Day 2018 in Utrecht

  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented ‘Young adults’ migration to cities in Sweden: Do siblings pave the way?’ Chair: Leo van Wissen
  • Dr. Michael Thomas presented ‘Employment, education … and family: Revealing the motives behind internal migration in Great Britain.’ Chair: Leo van Wissen
  • Jonne Thomassen (PhD) presented ‘Immobility among the highly mobile: University graduates’ staying processes, perceptions, and places.’ Chair: Leo van Wissen
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented ‘Non-resident children as a constraint to migration: the role of re-partnering.’ Chair: Jennifer Holland

27-11-2018: Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) was interviewed on BNR Ochtendspits (Dutch radio programme) about her paper on commitment in LAT relationships. The fragment can be found on by setting the date to 27-11-2018 and the time to 06:53:20 AM (only in Dutch).

24-10-2018 - 16-11-2018: Research stay of Roselinde van der Wiel at Aalborg University to work with Lene Tølbøll

10-9-2018 - 12-9-2018: British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) Conference 2018 in Winchester

  • Dr. Brian Gillespie chaired the session 'Residential relocations in a family context'
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented 'Non‐resident children as a constraint to migration: the role of re‐partnering' .Chair: Dr. Brian Gillespie
  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented 'Moving towards family after union dissolution in the United States.' Chair: Dr. Brian Gillespie
  • Dr. Michael Thomas presented 'The role of family ties and events on the migration behaviour of adult children and older parents in Norway.' Chair: Philip Rees

20-8-2018 - 7-9-2018: Research stay of Clara Mulder at Umeå University to work with Gunnar Malmberg and Emma Lundholm

6-6-2018: FamilyTies-meeting in Brussels

6-6-2018 - 9-6-2018: European Population Conference 2018 in Brussels

  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented ‘ Moving Towards Family after Union Dissolution in the United States.’ Chair: Katrin Schwanitz
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented ‘From living apart to living together: The impact of women's children born before the current partnership.’ Chair: Brienna Perelli-Harris

3-4-2018 -4-4-2018: Workshop ‘Parental Life Courses after Separation and Divorce’ in Berlin. Prof. Clara Mulder gave a presentation on ‘Migration and living arrangements of separated parents.’ Chair: Katja Köppen

12-3-2018 - 16-3-2018: Dr. Amy Spring visited Groningen to work with the FamilyTies team

22-11-17: Dutch Demography Day at the Academy Building of Utrecht University organised by the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD).

  • Prof. Clara Mulder presented the official start-up article of the FamilyTies-project by the name of 'Putting family centre-stage: Family ties and internal migration.' Chair: Auke Vonk
  • Roselinde van der Wiel (PhD) presented preliminary results for her article 'From living apart to living together: Single mothers' partner relationships in the Netherlands.' Chair: Ruben van Gaalen

9-10-17: Prof. Clara Mulder participated in ‘Night of Science & Society (/De Avond van Wetenschap & Maatschappij/)’, dinner event in the Ridderzaal in The Hague

03-10-17: Data awareness meeting with the FamilyTies team of the University of Groningen and members of the IT-department

07-09-17: Prof. Clara Mulder gave a key-note lecture at the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) 2017 Annual Conference in Liverpool: ‘Putting family centre-stage: Family ties and spatial mobility.’ Chair: Professor Jane Falkingham

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