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Session sponsors

Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group

The Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group (GCYFRG) aims to raise the profile, perceived value and understanding of geographies of children, youth and families within academic geography and beyond. More specific aims include providing a forum to explore the meanings, implications and new directions in the geographies of children, youth and families, and stimulating and developing critical debate about geographies of children, youth and families within and beyond geography. For further details, please see:

The Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group supports the session Children’s Emotional Geographies: Practical and Policy Matters? ' organised by Matej Blazek (Loughborough University, UK) and Peter Kraftl (University of Leicester, UK).

Equine Research Network

The Equine Research Network (EqRN) is an international network of social scientists interested in research on matters equine across a broad range of fields, subjects, and disciplines. The Network was established in September 2009 after the first equine Working Group at an European Society of Rural Sociology Annual Congress in Vasa Finland in August.  The networks brings together researchers exploring human-horse relations, the equine sector and equestrian activities, thus providing a unique and productive opportunity to understand a wide range of ideas across the social science disciplines.  For more information visit the website at:

The Equine Research Networks supports the session ‘ Riding through space: exploring motion and emotion on the back of a horse ’ organized by Rhys Evans from the Norwegian University College of Agriculture and Rural Development.

AHRC/NWO funded research network ‘Between the tides’

The research and exchange programme ‘Between the tides’ (led by Owain Jones, University of Gloucester and Bettina van Hoven, University of Groningen) aims to survey current arts and humanities (a&h) research and practice in the UK and Netherlands (NL) in relation to lowlying intertidal and littoral landscapes and the communities who live and work with them. It brings these together to exchange and develop conceptual and thematic approaches to living (within) dynamic, changing and rhythmic environments which are at risk, but also hold high value in natural and cultural heritage for the broader community. The project isbased upon case studies of the Severn Estuary and the Wadden Sea, two of the most important intertidal landscapes in the world. The intention is to establish an international a&h community dedicated to ITLLs which will sustain beyond the project and extend to other areas across the world.

The AHRC/NWO funded research network ‘Between the tides’ will support the organisation of two sessions at this conference:

Emotional geographies of the coast. Living with the sea, tides, and vulnerable coastlines in the climate change era (Owain Jones, University of Gloucester; Bettina van Hoven, University of Groningen)

and the special session:

Dwelling on the Shoreline (Suze Adams, UWE Bristol; Victoria Hunter, University of Surrey; Owain Jones, University of Gloucester)

Centre for Canadian Studies (University of Groningen)

The Centre for Canadian Studies was founded in 1988 and is the only research and teaching centre focusing on Canadian Studies in the Netherlands. It aims to further the interdisciplinary and international development of Canadian Studies, especially with regards to:

  • promoting teaching and research in a variety of academic fields
  • offering an international platform for scholars to meet, share and explore new projects through the organization of conferences and workshops
  • encouraging the future of Canadian Studies as a dynamic field of research: the Centre offers courses in Canadian Studies for undergraduate students at the University of Groningen
  • offering University of Groningen students the opportunity to study at our partner universities in Canada for one or two semesters and in turn, welcoming Canadian exchange students to Groningen through the several exchange partnerships we maintain with Canadian universities
  • supporting research in Canadian Studies at the graduate and post-graduate level

The Canadian Studies Centre sponsors the sessions 'Emotions, Space and Indigenous People'

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