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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute Sustainable Road Infrastructure Boundary Spanning

Project description

Integrated infrastructure projects
Integrated infrastructure projects

Boundary spanners perform activities which could bridge the inherent gaps between organizational boundaries in the development of integrated infrastructure projects. This study focuses on the boundaries between the three tiers of government, sectoral boundaries, and public-private boundaries.

The aim of the research is to identify the boundary spanners in the arena of infrastructure planning and implementation, gain an understanding of the activities and roles they engage in, and their impact on project performance. Moreover, it aims to determine the individual character traits, and the environmental and team antecedents favourable for boundary spanning activities.

A mixed-method research methodology will be used, which includes data collection from existing literature, a survey, and in-depth interviews. The practical nature of the study will enable the findings from the study to be applied in real-life scenarios involving collaborations pertaining to infrastructure projects.

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