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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute CASUS

Evidence-Based Design (Atelier courses)

The combination of digital analysis with on-site observations is trained in several courses at Bachelor level. We teach students to work in groups, dedicated to find proposals for how to develop a region, town or building site. For each spatial scale, students learn what kind of information matters – from both perspectives, the digital reality and the physical reality. The acquired information is used to construct a narrative on the challenges and opportunities of the region, masterplan or building site. From there students propose a way forward. Depending on the scale, proposals are communicated by means of stories, maps, artist impressions, and physical or digital working models. At the end of each atelier course, students present their ideas to a jury, composed of real life stakeholders, international experts and scholars. CASUS’ experts support the atelier courses to improve and disseminate a variety of technologies and methods. The atelier courses are dedicated to an active learning approach.

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