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Research Theoretical High-Energy Physics Quantum Gravity & Cosmology

Quantum Gravity & Cosmology

The research of the Quantum Gravity & Cosmology group aims at a deeper understanding of the gravitational force, in particular in the quantum realm, in the very early Universe and in connection with dark energy. The first two topics concern physics at the smallest distance scales, the latter one is related to physics at cosmological distance scales. Due to the expanding nature of our Universe, these problems are interrelated in an intriguing and challenging way. String theory is by far the most promising candidate theory of quantum gravity (although other interesting approaches such as loop quantum gravity and causal dynamical triangulations are explored as well). On the other hand, modified gravity models such as Massive Gravity change the workings of gravity at large distance scales and are candidates to solve the dark energy mystery.

The research of the Quantum Gravity & Cosmology group focuses on three themes: branes, holography and string cosmology.


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The Quantum Gravity & Cosmology group is part of the national FOM programme `A String Theoretic Approach to Cosmology and Quantum Matter'. It also participates in the Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics (DRSTP). At the European level, the group is part of the COST network `A String Theory Universe', which organizes annual workshops in which a large number of European nodes are participating.