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Research Dr. Katalin Barta

Group Members

Current Group Members

Name Position Location / Phone Number Email Address
Dr. Katalin Barta PI 5115.211 / 0031-50-363-4232
Dr. Giovanni Bottari Post-Doctoral fellow (Marie Curie) 5114.0216 / 0031-50-363-8187
Tao Yan PhD student 5114.0216 / 0031-50-363-8187
Zhuohua Sun PhD student 5114.0216 / 0031-50-363-8187
Laurie Squiban Master student (Erasmus) 5114.0216 / 0031-50-363-8187
Anaís Couto Vasconcelos Bachelor Student internship (Brazil) 5114.0216 / 0031-50-363-8187

Former Group Members

Name Position Current position Email address

Dr. Peter J. Deuss

Post-Doctoral fellow (SuBiCat) ENTEG
Dr. Narani Anand Post-Doctoral fellow (CatchBio)

Post-doc, University of Amsterdam

Christopher Bernt

visiting PhD student (Ford group, UCSB) PhD student, UCSB

Martin Scott

Master student (Evonik fellowship) PhD student, RWTH-Aachen, Leitner group

Ciaran Lahive

visiting PhD student (Kamer group, University of St Andrews) PhD student (Kamer group, University of St Andrews)

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