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Marcel Eleveld wins the audience award during the most recent national Famelab competition

14 May 2018

FameLabNL audience award goes to Groningen!

Last week the national final of FameLab was held in Utrecht. FameLab is the biggest science communication competition in the world. The idea behind FameLab is that young scientists (students, PhD’s, postdocs and starting professors) have to present a scientific topic to an audience of laymen in under 3 minutes without using powerpoint.

This year the audience award was awarded to Marcel Eleveld, who gave a presentation about the Eigen paradox of the origin of life (“Machinery for accurate (molecular) self-replication needs a lot of information to be encoded - but how do you obtain such machinery before the associated information can be accurately copied?”). Marcel is a Nanoscience master student who is working in the group of Sijbren Otto.

The jury award was awarded to Jair Santanna (assistant professor at the TU Twente) who spoke about DDoS attacks and how they can be prevented.

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