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Ben Feringa - ERC Advanced Grant 2016

24 March 2016

Molecular Motors, powering dynamic functional molecular systems

Professor Ben Feringa is awarded the second ERC advanced grant. Ben received his first ERC Advanced Grant (Molecular Motors) in 2008 and is now awarded a second one for 2,5 million euros.

In this second program the unique properties of unidirectional light driven molecular rotary motors will be built upon to achieve dynamic control of function and develop responsive systems with a particular focus on systems in water. Light-driven molecular rotary motors are distinct from the majority of molecular switches, as they allow sequential access to multiple functional states in a responsive system through non-invasive stimulation. Importantly, continuous irradiation induces continuous rotary motion which provides a unique opportunity to design dynamic systems and responsive materials that can be driven out-of-equilibrium.

The proposed research program is highly challenging but provides the comprehensive effort required to achieve control of complex nanomechanical systems and will opening a bright future for applications ranging from stimuli responsive materials to spatio-temporal control of biomolecular systems.

Pictute Feringa ERC Advanced grant 2016
Pictute Feringa ERC Advanced grant 2016
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