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Vidi grants for Katalin Barta and Martin Witte

12 May 2016

Dr. Katalin Barta: Lignin waste to valuable chemicals

Lignin is the largest renewable source of aromatics on the planet. Still, its chemical conversion is a real challenge. This research will find ways to break down the robust structure of lignin and convert this aromatic biopolymer into valuable chemicals.
Recent video on Barta's research Sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and chemicals in the making: Doorbraak naar duurzaam alternatief voor fossiele brandstoffen en chemicaliën?

Dr. Martin Witte: Molecular tools for phospholipases

Enzymes that model the phospholipid cell membrane play an important role in the transmission of signals and the formation of organelles. The research will focus on developing molecular tools to study these processes

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