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Theses defenses

Information for this page can be sent to SOM's secretar y Hanneke Tamling

Monday 25 October
Thesis defense Adriana Garcia. Title: New Perspectives on Microfinance: The Importance of Microcredit Plus and the Role of Internal Constraints. Promotor: Prof. B.W. Lensink, copromotor: Dr. F. Cecchi. Time: 12.45 hrs.

Monday 8 November
Thesis defense Yiqing Peng. Title: Essays on Financial Development and Financial Inclusion. Promotores: Prof. B.W. Lensink and Prof. C.L.M. Hermes. Time: 14.30 hrs.

Monday 8 November
Thesis defense Hermien Dijk. Title: Mental Health over the Lifecycle. Promotores: Prof. E. Buskens and Prof. J.O. Mierau. Time: 16.15 hrs.

Thursday 2 December
Thesis defense Juliette de Wit. Title: Values, culture, and national identity in economics. Promotores: Prof. B.P de Bruin, and Prof. S. Beugelsdijk, copromotor: Dr. C. Lisciandra. Time: 16.15 hrs.

Thursday 9 December
Thesis defense Martine van der Heide. Title: Deserving to indulge and donate: drivers of virtuous consumer behavior. Promotores: Prof. K. van Ittersum, Prof. T.H.A. Bijmolt, and Prof. J. van Doorn. Time: 16.15 hrs.

Monday 13 December
Thesis defense Jan Eise Fokkema. Title: Supply chain decisions for an adaptive, decentralized renewable energy system. Promotores: Prof. J.C. Wortman and Prof. G.B. Huitema, co-promotor: Dr. M.J. Land. Time: 11.00 hrs.

Monday 13 December
Thesis defense Nikolaos Terzidis. Title: Labor markets in a globalizing world: Trends, challenges and opportunities. Promotor: Prof. S. Brakman, co-promotor: Dr. R. Ortega Argiles. Time: 12.45 hrs.

Thursday 16 December
Thesis defense Jann Keller. Title: Between Regulation and Competition: Transmission System Operators in Merged EU Gas Markets. Promotor: Prof. M. Mulder, co-promotor: Dr. G.H. Kuper. Time: 11.00 hrs.

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