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Theses defenses

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Monday 3 April
Thesis defense Raymond Chaudron. Title: Income from Maturity Transformation, Interest Rate Risk and Hedging by Dutch banks. Promotoren: Prof. J. de Haan, and Prof. S. Brakman. Time: 14.30 hrs.

Monday 24 April
Thesis defense Matthijs Katz. Title: Financial frictions, default risk, and macroeconomic policy. Promotor: Prof. B.J. Heijdra, co-promotor: Dr. C.G.F. van der Kwaak. Time: 14.30 hrs.

Monday May 8
Thesis defense Peer Stiegert. Title: Organizational morality and misconduct. Promotor: Prof. J.D.R. Oehmichen, co-promotors: Dr. S. Täuber, and Dr. M.C. Leliveld. Time: 16.15 hrs.

Monday 22 May
Thesis defense Tom de Greef. Title: Effects of Intermunicipal Cooperation. Promotoren: Prof. M.A. Allers and Prof. H.J. ter Bogt. Time: 16.15 hrs.

Thursday 25 May
Thesis defense Amy Jansen. Title: New Perspectives on Financial Decisions. Promotoren: Prof. B.W. Lensink and Prof. E.H. Bulte. Time: 11.00 hrs.

Thursday 13 July
Thesis defense Tom Hudepohl. Title: The (side-)effects of unconventional monetary policy in the euro area. Promotor: Prof. J. de Haan, co-promotor Dr. D.M. te Kaat. Time: 12.45 hrs.

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