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Research Stralingswetenschappen NGMB
University Medical Center Groningen

Procedure of Access

The Facility for Small Animal Imaging (microPET / microCT / microSPECT) provides access to investigators from the University of Groningen and visiting scientists from other Dutch universities or government-owned institutions. Access is also possible for employees of privately owned companies. Visitors can get scientific and technical support from a local team which will participate in collaborative research projects whenever this is appropriate and acceptable for all parties involved.

The proper procedure for requesting scanner time (including the routing of research protocols) is described in this document. Further information is provided on the following webpage.

The local team responsible for technical and scientific operation of the facility consist of:


Dr. J. Doorduin (postdoc/user)

Dr. J.R. de Jong (medical physicist)

Ing. J.W.A. Sijbesma (location manager/biotechnician)

Dr. E.F.J. de Vries (radiochemist)

Dr. A. van Waarde (biologist)


Final responsibility:

Prof. Dr. R.A.J.O.Dierckx, Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging



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