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Research Stralingswetenschappen NGMB
University Medical Center Groningen



Single photon facilities

Radiochemical laboratories on B- and C-level

Radiopharmaceutical laboratory

Gamma camera’s:

Symbia T16 (2009)

Symbia T2 (2009)

Symbia S1 (2009)

Bone densitometer:

Hologic Discovery (2005)

Radionuclide therapy unit with 4 beds

NaI-detectors, well counters

High Purity Ge-detector

Thyroid uptake probe

Sentinel node probes

E-soft Workstations

MMWP Workstations (2009)

PET facilities                                                                                    

Scanditronix MC-17F cyclotron (1991)                                                

Radiochemistry laboratories

Radiopharmaceutical unit

PET-scanners: Ecat Exact HR+ (2004)

PET-CT scanner mCT 64 slices (2009)

Animal lab allowing handling of genetically modified organisms

µPET Focus 220 (2005)

µCT MicroCat II (2005)

µSPECT II (2008)

E-soft workstations (2009)

Syngo workstation (2009)

SUN V880 central computer for data analysis (2004)

DELL central computer for DICOM archive (2009)

A further description of our facilities for rodent scanning can be found at the website for

Small Animal Imaging . Visit that site if you are planning to perform a microPET and/or a microCT study.

An overview of currently available PET and SPECT tracers can be downloaded in PDF format: Tracers

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