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Research ENTEG Product Technology Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators

This is a list of all principal investigators and teaching staff of the Product Technology Group

Principal Investigator Role Research Focus
F. Picchioni Professor, chair
P.P. Pescarmona Professor

Heterogeneous Catalysis; Homogeneous Catalysis; From biobased molecules to valuable products; Metal oxides; Silsesquioxanes; Silicates; Zeolites; Mesoporous materials; Nanomaterials; Supercritical CO2; High-Throughput Experimentation; Photocatalysis;

Green Chemistry: - CO2-fixation into cyclic and polymeric carbonates - Sustainable selective oxidations -

Electrocatalysis: - CO2-reduction - Oxygen evolution reaction (OER) - Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) - Cogeneration of chemical products and electricity

R. Bose Associate professor

Polymer structure-property, chemical vapour deposition of polymers, conductive polymers, rheology, self-healing polymers, multifunctional polymer coatings

P. Raffa

Associate professor

polymer chemistry; controlled radical polymerization; amphiphilic polymers, stimuli-responsive polymers; biobased building blocks; sustainable polymers; polymer colloids and emulsions; polymer self-assembly; chemical enhanced oil recovery

V. Kyriakou Assistant professor

Electrocatalysis; heterogeneous catalysis; solid oxide cells; hydrogen production/purification; water electrolysis; nitrogen fixation; carbon dioxide valorization; protonic ceramic membrane reactors; chemicals/electrical power cogeneration; electrochemical promotion of catalysis

P.D. Druetta

Assistant Professor with education profile

Numerical simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical methods applied to engineering, modelling of chemical processes, pipelines, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), fluid mechanics

R. Duchateau
D. Morales Hernandez Assistant Professor

Electrocatalysis; Water electrolysis; Oxygen evolution reaction; Oxygen reduction reaction; Glycerol oxidation reaction; Alcohol oxidation reaction; Glucose oxidation reaction; Carbon-based composites; Electrodeposition;

C.E. Koning
D. Parisi

Soft matter, rheology, rheometry, polymer physics and colloidal physics

G.F. Versteeg

Professor Francesco Picchioni

Prof. F. (Francesco) Picchioni; +31 50 36 34333

University webpage of Francesco Picchioni

Research profile of Francesco Picchioni

Professor Paolo Pescarmona
Professor Ranjita Bose
Professor Patrizio Raffa
Dr. Vassilis Kyriakou
Dr. Pablo Druetta
Dr. Daniele Parisi
Dr. Dulce Morales Hernandez
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