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The BugDrug Project: Podcast Jing Fu

09 March 2021

INNOVATION MATTERS A large number of patients do not respond well to commonly used drugs. Some patients even suffer from side effects. In Europe alone, about 3.5% of hospital admissions are related to side effects of medicines. Many patients are not treated properly because they do not respond or respond poorly to medicines.

In this episode, Claire Selbeck talks to Professor Fu. As a recipient of the ERC Consolidator Grant, Dr Jingyuan Fu offers a solution to this problem by changing the bacteria that live in the guts of humans. Professor Fu researches whether the effectiveness of medicines can be improved by making adjustments to the whole of micro-organisms in the gastrointestinal system (intestinal microbiome). Besides her project, we will also speak about her background in academia, the ERC Consolidator Grant and the Organ-on-a-chip Initiative

MAR 09, 2021 SEASON 1 EPISODE 5 :The BugDrug Project - Netherlands Innovation Network

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