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New Key Publication: Regulation Copper homeostasis

04 December 2020

Regulation of copper homeostasis by members of the COMMD protein family

Authors: Amika Singla, Qing Chen, Kohei Suzuki, Jie Song, Alina Fedoseienko, Melinde Wijers, Adam Lopez, Daniel D. Billadeau, Bart van de Sluis, Ezra Burstein

Copper is an essential transition metal for all eukaryotes. In mammals, intestinal copper absorption is mediated by the ATP7A copper transporter, whereas copper excretion occurs predominatly through the biliary route and is mediated by the paralog ATP7B. Both transporters have been shown to be actively recycled between the endosomal network and the plasma membrane by a molecular machinery known as the COMMD/CCDC22/CCDC93 or CCC complex


Last modified:11 December 2020 2.26 p.m.

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