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New Key Publication:Gut microbial co-abundance networks show specificity in inflammatory bowel disease and obesity | Nature Communications

11 August 2020
Human Cohorts
Human Cohorts

Gut microbiome alterations have been linked to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and obesity. Here, the authors characterize the metagenomes of four large human cohorts and perform co-abundance network analysis showing that dysbiosis in disease is marked by the altered co-abundance relationships, suggesting that pathway coabundance networks are more heterogeneous than species network.

Behind the paper: The microbes in your gut do not live alone


  • Lianmin Chen
  • Valerie Collij
  • Martin Jaeger
  • Inge C. L. van den Munckhof
  • Arnau Vich Vila
  • Alexander Kurilshikov
  • Ranko Gacesa
  • Trishla Sinha
  • Marije Oosting
  • Leo A. B. Joosten
  • Joost H. W. Rutten
  • Niels P. Riksen
  • Ramnik J. Xavier
  • Folkert Kuipers
  • Cisca Wijmenga
  • Alexandra Zhernakova
  • Mihai G. Netea
  • Rinse K. Weersma
  • Jingyuan Fu
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