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15/17-06-2017: 4th International GSD Conference (IGSD2017).

26 May 2017

June 15 - 17,  2017  
University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands

The IGSD2017 in Groningen offers an attractive program for health care professionals and patients. In different sessions (plenary, parallel scientific, parallel for patients, meet the expert sessions, attended poster meeting), the following topics will be highlighted:

  • Plenary session on Gene therapy in GSD
  • Parents' Roundtable: experiences and perspectives - Iris Ferrec c hia
  • Dietary management in ketotic GSD types - Kaustuv Bhattacharya
  • The GSD App - Sebastiaan te Boekhorst
  • What patiens know better than doctors - Andrew Wakelin
  • Glycogen Storage Diseases; Back to the future part II - Peter Smit
  • Hepatic and muscle GSD: challenging psychological topics for patients, parents and health care providers - Peter Burgard
  • Population newborn screening for Pompe disease - Priya Kishnani
  • Pathophysiology of exercise (in)tolerance in GSD - Nicolai Preisler
  • Metabolic European Reference Network and GSD - Anne Hugon
  • Meet the expert session: Controversies and agreements in dietary management - chair: Margreet van Rijn

Meet the expert session: Glycogenosis type V, training program and experiences learned from Spanish patients - chair: Gisela Nogales-Gadea

For the newest program with all the confirmed speakers visit our: WEBSITE

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