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University Medical Center Groningen

On the cover: The Beneficial Effects of ASBT Inactivation Depend on Dietary Fat Composition

17 December 2020

Back Cover: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research: Vol 64, No 24

Reported by:

  • Ivo P. van de Peppel
  • Anuradha Rao
  • Marleen B. Dommerholt
  • Laura Bongiovanni
  • Rachel Thomas
  • Alain de Bruin
  • Saul J. Karpen
  • Paul A. Dawson
  • Henkjan J. Verkade
  • Johan W. Jonker

Inactivation of the apical sodium bile acid transporter (ASBT) interrupts the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids and subsequently impairs lipid absorption. Asbt−/− mice are protected from obesity, insulin resistance and fatty liver disease when fed a high‐fat diet rich in saturated but not polyunsaturated fatty acids, highlighting the importance of dietary composition in assessment of treatments targeting bile acid homeostasis.

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