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University Medical Center Groningen

Matrix accumulation, tissue repair and inflammation; Matrix

Matrix stands for matrix accumulation, tissue repair, and inflammation. Our research focuses on basic and translational aspects of tissue (re)generation, repair and remodelling. Since in adult organisms tissue repair follows upon injury and inflammation, the latter being an unavoidable and prerequisite process in repair and remodelling, inflammation research is organically interwoven with our scientific scope. Thus, our main research questions are:

  • What is the role of key cellular and molecular players in maintaining the balance between inflammation, physiologic repair and aberrant repair (fibrosis)?
  • How can we orchestrate the tissue microenvironment in order to promote repair and prevent fibrosis?
  • How can we translate basic insight into above aspects into new therapeutic approaches?


Contact information:

Prof. R. A. Bank, PhD

University Medical Center Groningen

Medical Biology Division

Internal postal code EA11

Hanzeplein 1

9713 GZ Groningen

Phone: 050-3611983

Email: R.A. Bank

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