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Research Pathology Medical Biology Research Experimental Pulmonology and Inflammation Research (EXPIRE)
University Medical Center Groningen


Research Projects





COPD-related projects

The protective role for Pim kinases in maintaining airway epithelial integrity and barrier function. UE

D. Davies

(South Hampton UK)

PhD student M. de Vries

Allergic asthma-related projects

Predicting asthma genotypes: characterisation of IL 1RL1 in asthma


Dr. G. Koppelman (UMCG)

N. Grotenboer

PhD student

Vitamin D3 as adjuvant in a therapeutic vaccine for allergic asthma. NAF

Dr. J.N.G. Oude Elberink (UMCG), E. Frijlink (RUG), K. Poelstra (RUG)

PhD student L. Hesse
Mechanisms of the development of allergy. PCDH-1 transgenic mice EU-MedALL B. Lambrecht (Gent Belgium), G. Koppelman (UMCG) U. Brouwer
The role of Damage Associated Molecular Patterns in the genetic susceptibility towards cigarette smoke induced neutrophilic airway inflammation NAF N. Ten Hacken (Pulmonology, UMCG) A. van Oosterhout (GSK, London)

D. Pouwels

PhD student

The risk to develop pneumonia in COPD: Comparing the effects of fluticasone propionate and budesonide on epithelial barrier immunity AstraZeneca M. van den Berge, D. Postma (Pulmonology, UMCG)

M. Jonker


The roles of Pellino-1 in the control of airway viral infection MRC Ian Sabroe (University of Sheffield, UK

M. Jonker


Dysfunctional crosstalk between epithelial cells and fibroblasts contributes to the abnormal tissue repair and remodeling processes in COPD SAB,UBC/RUG bursary C.A. Brandsma (Pathology, UMCG),T.L. Hackett (UBC Vancouver, Canada), D. Postma (Pulmonoloy, UMCG), W. Timens (Pathology, UMCG)

E. Osei

PhD student

Functional characterisation of PCDH1, a novel gene for asthma and bronchial hyperresponsiveness UE G. Koppelman (Pediatrics, UMCg), J. Holloway (Southampton, UK)

G. Faura-Tellez

PhD student

Translating asthma associated genetic variation in IL33 and IL1RL1 into pathophysiology and clinical expression of asthma MD-PhD UMCG G. Koppelman (Pediatrics, UMCG), Ian Sayers (Nottingham, UK)

M. Ketelaar

PhD student

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