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OPERA PhD Candidates

Name Research Project
Adel, Mitchell van den Dealing with disruptions: Balancing within- and between-firm collaboration
Asgharieh Ahari, Sahand tba
Aslan, Ayse Optimizing educational logistics of personalized learning
Beesten, Ruben van Risk-averse logistics decision making under uncertainty
Bonvanie-Lenferink, Anne Health self-management in the work environment: the effect of continuous monitoring and reflexivity
Burg, Robbert-Jan van der Flexibility in energy systems with variable renewable energy sources: A service operations management perspective
Dittfeld, Hendryk How do organizations cope with supply chain complexity? An empirical exploration in the food processing industry
Dreischerf, Anna tba
Dube, Nonhlanhla Humanitarian logistics in international disaster relief
Fluit, Marleen The interplay between formal structures and informal structures in a public service context
Fokkema, Jan Eise Design and operation of balanced bioenergy logistics
Fröhlke, Michael tba
Hastürk, Umur tba
Heide, Lieke van der Joint maintenance planning for interdependent underground infrastructures considering societal costs
Kayacik, Sezen Ece tba
Laan, Niels van der Applying inexact cutting plane techniques to solve mixed-integer recourse models
Nguyen, Chi tba
Ozyavas, Pinar tba
Pentinga, Luuk tba
Slagter, Martian The influence of professional service teams' identity and boundary work on legitimacy in a dynamic, multi-stakeholder context
Sun, Luoyi tba
Waschull, Sabine Work in the factory of the future: longitudinal effects of smart manufacturing on employees' jobs and skills
Yaqoub, Amak Managing service triads through buyer involvement in supplier's HR practices
Zhang, Xiying tba
Zom, Lisa Supply chain finance for social and environmental sustainability
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