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Round table working papers

Monday March 24, 2014

11.00-12.30 hrs.
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Topic Sustainability implementation (Rafaella Cagliano) Topic Measurement / Transparency (Helen Walker) Topic SSCM (Damien Power)
ID 25: Co-organizing specialty competences of quality and sustainability
(Vanajah Siva)
ID 29: Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Measuring Performance
(Wendy L. Tate, Lisa M. Ellram)
ID 138: The role of HRM and SCM interfaces in sustainability development
(Davide Luzzini, Annachiara Longoni, Macro Guerci)
ID 99: Capabilities for Sustainable Innovation:
An exploratory study in the Manufacturing Industry
(Sarah Behnam, Raffaella Cagliano)
ID 104: Approaching an integrative conceptual framework for research on sustainability performance
in corporate value chains and the reporting hereof to
international accountability standards
(Thomas Kjærgaard)
ID 80: Levers for sustainability in metallurgical industry: conceptual understanding and empirical investigation among Italian companies
(Stefano Bonetti, Andrea Pasotti)
ID 78: Diffusion of social sustainability in the Bangladeshi apparel industry: Isomorphism, decoupling and change in institutional logics due to environmental shocks
(Fahian Anisul Huq, Mark Stevenson, Marta Zorzini)
ID 79: What have you got to hide? Information transparency and secrecy strategies in supply chains
(Lucy McCarthy, Donna Marshall, Fiona Harrigan)
ID 103: Sustainable manufacturing principles in SMEs
(Claudia Alayón, Kristina Säfsten, Glenn Johansson)
ID 45: Sustainable supply chain management practices and dynamic capabilities in the food industry
(Anna Land, Stefan Seuring)
ID 101: Making sense of SSCM: How companies express sustainable supply chain management issues in their public reports
(Anthony Alexander, Anne Touboulic, Helen Walker)
ID 85: The difficulties of managing supply base sustainability (Cheng Yong Xiao, Taco van der Vaart, Dirk Pieter van Donk)

15.00-16.30 hrs.

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Topic SSCM - performance (Linda Hendry) Topic Supply Management (Cristina Gimenez) Topic Green Logistics/ Operations (Miriam Wilhelm)
ID 93: Does a proactive environmental orientation automatically lead to a ‘win-win’ situation?
(Stephanie Graham, Antony Potter)
ID 42: The other side of the coin: advancing sustainability in the supply chain from a small supplier’s standpoint
(Anne Touboulic, Inma Borrella, Jury Gualandris)
ID 69: Sustainable operation management for the transport industry – closing the gap between theory and practice
(Christian Haider, Gerald Aschauer)
ID 121: Sustainability Practices and Sustainability Orientation as Determinants of Sustainable Performance
(Graça Silva, Paulo J. Gomes, Carla Firmo)
ID 113: Sustainable Supply Chains: the Suppliers’ Perspective
(Cristina Sancha, Cristina Giménez)
ID 88: Collaborative planning of operations in industrial symbiosis
(Gábor Herczeg, Renzo Akkerman)
ID 70: Developing Low Carbon Emission Supply Networks:
Influence, Measurement, and Improvement
(Jialun Hu, Yongjiang Shi)
ID 72: Carbon Management in Food Supply Chains: A Role for Supplier Relationship Management in Achieving Emissions Reduction?
(Martin Tidy)
ID 91: Developing a research framework for environmental sustainability within a global automotive business
(Anna Sannö, Peter Wallin, Anders Fundin)
ID 31: Exploring Sustainability in Disaster Relief Supply Chain Management
(Chu-hua Kuei)
ID 97: Implementing sustainable procurement practices in HE institutions and their supply chains: a case study in the UK
(Maysara Sayed, Linda Hendry, Marta Zorzini)
ID 92: Towards Sustainable Global Manufacturing Networks: The Role Of Production Subsidiaries
(Golini Ruggero, Jury Gualandris, Matteo Kalchschmidt)

Tuesday March 25, 2014

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Topic Sustainable agriculture (Mark Pagell) Topic Remanufacturing/ closed-loop (Jack van der Vorst) Topic System dynamics in Sustainability (Stefan Seuring)
ID 35: Managing competing logics of sustainability in a values-based agricultural cooperative
(Madeleine Pullman, Zhaohui Wu)
ID 55: Supply chain-based barriers for truck-engine remanufacturing in China
(Qinghua Zhu, Joseph Sarkis, Kee-hung Lai)
ID 48: Exploring managerial perceptions of energy in logistics
(Christian Busse, Hariganesh Chithambaram, Stephan M. Wagner)
ID 137: An Italian Pasta Manufacturer’s Supply Chain
Contracts for Triple-Bottom Line Benefits
(Marco Formentini, ManMohan S. Sodhi, Christopher S. Tang)
ID 64: The effect of environmental and economic perception on industrial waste management
(Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Christina Jönsson, Magnus Wiktorsson)
ID 67: A system dynamics model based on evolutionary game theory for green supply chain management diffusion among Chinese manufacturers
(Yihui Tian, Qinghua Zhu)
ID 116: Living Local: Exploring Local Agricultural Supply Chains as a Sustainable Alternative
(Damien Power, Richard L. Gruner)
ID 76: Recent research issues on Closed-Loop Supply Chain: an approach from a marketing perspective
(Sergio Rubio, Beatriz Jiménez-Parra)
ID 130: Coordination of Investments in two Strategic Resources to Achieve Sustainable Development – a Dynamic Model
(Andreas Größler, Jürgen Strohhecker)
ID 58: A contingent analysis of Supply Chain Sustainability: framework development and multiple case study in the coffee industry
(Marco Formentini, Stefania Boscari, Pietro Romano)
ID 86: Impact of the Emission Trading Scheme on A Global Reverse Supply Chain
(Xiaoyun Bing, Jacqueline Bloemhof, Amin Chaabane, Jack van der Vorst)
ID 124: Modeling dynamic capabilities and policies for the sustainable management of food supply chains – a system dynamics approach
(Daniel Thiel, Stefan Seuring, Marcus Brandenburg)

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