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Parallel sessions full papers

Monday March 24, 2014

13.00 -14.30
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Topic HR (Dirk Pieter van Donk) Topic Measuring sustainable performance (Donna Marshall) Topic NGOs (Madeleine Pullman)
Paper 1: ID 117: The impact of ‘green’ human resource practices on employees’ collective commitment and organizational citizenship behaviours toward the environment
(Marta Pinzone, Marco Guerci, Emanuele Lettieri, Tom Redman)
Paper 1: ID 34: Indicators of sustainable production – A survey among Swedish manufacturing industry
(Mats Winroth, Peter Almström, Carin Andersson)
Paper 1: ID 37: Low-carbon, climate resilient supply chains, from imaginary to enactment: a discursive perspective on supplier engagement strategies
(Lee Matthews)
Paper 2: ID 87: Sustainable supply chain management and competitive advantage: The role of human capital
(Annachiara Longoni, Raffaella Cagliano)
Paper 2: ID 50: CO2 lifecycle analysis - facilitating the data collection process throughout the construction supply chain with ‘lifecycle thinking’
(Emily Jervis, Claire Moxham, Joanne Meehan)
Paper 2: ID 96: Value Creation of Cross-Sector Partnerships in Socially Sustainable Supply Chains
(Jorge A. Rodríguez, Cristina Gimenez, Daniel Arenas)

Tuesday March 25, 2014

Room 1 Room 2 Room 2
Topic Sustainability implementation (Andreas Größler) Topic Internal and external practices (Renzo Akkerman) Topic Joint Management Systems (Annachiara Longoni)P
Paper 1 ID 109: Sustainable Operations Management; from concept to action
(Naghmeh Taghavi, Linea Kjellsdotter Ivert, Mats Winroth)
Paper 1 ID 111: The influence of sustainable supply chains practices on organizations performance
(Luísa Pinto, Joaquim Borges Gouveia, Luís Miguel D. F. Ferreira)
Paper 1 ID 44: What are the Performance Implications of Managing Safety Jointly with Operations?
(Mark Pagell, Robert Klassen, David Johnston, Anton Shevchenko, Sharvani Sharma)
Paper 2 ID 94: Supply chain, sustainability, and industrial policy - the case of the UK offshore wind energy supply chain
(Michel Leseure, David Cooper, Dawn Robins)
Paper 2 ID 114: Social supply chains: the role of external and internal social practices
(Cristina Gimenez, Vicenta Sierra, Cristina Sancha, Ali Kazeminia)
Paper 2 ID 118: The lean and green behavior of manufacturing companies belonging to different supply chain levels
(Susana Garrido Azevedo, Ernesto Cruz, Helena Carvalho, V. Cruz-Machado)
Room 1 Room 2
Topic Supply Management (Zhaohui Wu) Topic Green Innovation (Taco Van der Vaart)
Paper 1 ID 38: The case study of a knowledge portal to foster sustainability best practices within a global supply network: a social network analysis approach
(Leonardo Marques)
Paper 1 ID 98: The Mediating Role of Environmental Management on Performance: An Investigation into Integration Processes
(Julia Hartmann, Richard Germain)
Paper 2 ID 105: Supplier sustainability scandals: which firms are targeted, how do they react, and which financial damage do they incur?
(Hannes Hofmann, Boyana Petkova)
Paper 2 ID 32: Towards sustainable business and operations model: case studies of green innovations in China
(Miyuan Shan, Bin Ren, Lihong Zhang)

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