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Publications 2007

Scientific Publications in 2007
  1. Carette JE, Graat HCA, Schagen FHE, Mastenbroek DCJ, Rots MG, Haisma HJ, Groothuis GMM, Schaap GR, Bras J, Kaspers GJL, Wuisman PIJM, Gerritsen WR, van Beusechem VW. A conditionally replicating adenovirus with strict selectivity in killing cells expressing epidermal growth factor receptor. Virology, 2007; 361(1):56-67. DOI

  2. de Graaf IAM, Draaisma AL, Schoeman O, Fahy GM, Groothuis GMM, Koster HJ. Cryopreservation of rat precision-cut liver and kidney slices by rapid freezing and vitrification. Cryobiology. 2007; 54(1):1-12. DOI

  3. Gommans WM, McLaughlin PMJ, Schalk JAC, Groothuis GMM, Haisma HJ, Rots MG. Highly efficient and carcinoma-specific adenoviral replication restricted by the EGP-2 promotor. Journal of Controlled Release, 2007; 117(1):1-10. DOI

  4. Jung D, Elferink MGL, Stellaard F, Groothuis GMM. Analysis of bile acid-induced regulation of FXR target genes in human liver slices. Liver International, 2007; 27(1):137-144. DOI
    Appendix: Primer used for real-time analysis ; See link to Full-text

  5. Rachmawati H, Reker-Smit C, Lub-de Hooge MN, van Loenen-Weemaes A, Poelstra K, Beljaars L. Chemical modification of interleukin-10 with mannose 6-phosphate groups yields a liver-selective cytokine. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 2007; 35(5):814-821. DOI

  6. Hagens WI, Mattos A, Greupink R, de Jager-Krikken A, Reker-Smit C, van Loenen-Weemaes A, Gouw ASH, Poelstra K, Beljaars L. Targeting 15d-prostaglandin J(2) to hepatic stellate cells: Two options evaluated. Pharmaceutical Research, 2007; 24(3):566-574. DOI

  7. Greupink R, Reker-Smit C, Proost JH, van Loenen Weemaes A, de Hooge M, Poelstra K, Beljaars L. Pharmacokinetics of a hepatic stellate cell-targeted doxorubicin construct in bile duct-ligated rats. Biochem Pharmacol. 2007;73(9):1455-62. DOI

  8. Adrian JE, Poelstra K, Scherphof GL, Meijer DKF, van Loenen-Weemaes A, Reker-Smit C, Morselt HWM, Zwiers P, Kamps JAAM. Effects of a new bioactive lipid-based drug carrier on cultured hepatic stellate cells and liver fibrosis in bile duct ligated rats. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2007; 321(2):536-543. DOI
  9. Van de Bovenkamp M, Groothuis GMM, Meijer DKF, Olinga P. Liver fibrosis in vitro: Cell culture models and precision-cut liver slices. Toxicology in Vitro, 2007; 21(4):545-557. DOI

  10. Temming K, Kok RJ. Antivascular therapies: Targets beyond the vessel wall. ChemMedChem, 2007; 2(4):433-435. DOI

  11. Adrian JE, Kamps JAAM, Poelstra K, Scherphof GL, Meijer DKF, Kaneda Y. Delivery of viral vectors to hepatic stellate cells in fibrotic livers using HVJ envelopes fused with targeted liposomes. Journal of Drug Targeting, 2007; 15(1):75-82 DOI

  12. Gonzalo T, Beljaars L, Van de Bovenkamp M, Temming K, van Loenen A-M, Reker-Smit C, Meijer DKF, Lacombe M, Opdam F, Kéri G, Örfi L, Poelstra K, Kok RJ.   Local inhibition of liver fibrosis by specific delivery of a platelet-derived growth factor kinase inhibitor to hepatic stellate cells. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2007; 321(3):856-865 DOI

  13. Serriere-Lanneau V, Teixeira-Clerc F, Li L, Schippers M, de Wries W, Julien B, Tran-Van-Nhieu J, Manin S, Poelstra K, Chun J, Carpentier S, Levade T, Mallat A, Lotersztajn S. The sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor S 1P(2) triggers hepatic wound healing. The FASEB Journal, 2007; 21(9);2005-2013 DOI

  14. Hewitt NJ, Lechon MJG, Houston JB, Hallifax D, Brown HS, Maurel P, Kenna JG, Gustavsson L, Lohmann C, Skonberg C, Guillouzo A, Tuschl G, Li AP, LeCluyse E, Groothuis GMM, Hengstler JG. Primary hepatocytes: Current understanding of the regulation of metabolic enzymes and transporter proteins, and pharmaceutical practice for the use of hepatocytes in metabolism, enzyme induction, transporter, clearance, and hepatotoxicity studies. Drug Metabolism Reviews, 2007; 39(1):159-234. DOI

  15. van de Kerkhof EG, de Graaf IAM, de Jager MH, Groothuis GMM. Induction of phase I and II drug metabolism in rat small intestine and colon in vitro. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 2007; 35(6):898-907 Notes: In press DOI

  16. Vermeulen JN, Meijer DKF, Over J, Lange JMA, Proost JH, Bakkar HI, Beljaars L, Wit FWNM, Prins JM. A phase I/IIa study with succinylated human serum albumin (Suc-HSA), a candidate HIV-1 fusion inhibitor. Antiviral Therapy, 2007; 12(2):273-278.

  17. Adrian JE, Kamps JAAM, Scherphof GL, Meijer DKF, van Loenen-Weemaes A, Reker-Smit C, Terpstra P, Poelstra K. A novel lipid-based drug carrier targeted to the non-parenchymal cells, including hepatic stellate cells, in the fibrotic livers of bile duct ligated rats. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, 2007; 1768(6):1430-1439. DOI

  18. Plazar J, Hreljac I, Pirih P, Filipic M, Groothuis GMM. Detection of xenobiotic-induced DNA damage by the comet assay applied to human and rat precision-cut liver slices. Toxicology in Vitro, 2007; 21(6):1134-1142. Correction DOI

  19. Proost JH. Validation of limited sampling models (LSM) for estimating AUC in therapeutic drug monotoring - is a separate validation group required? International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2007; 45(7):402-409.

  20. Temming K, Meyer DL, Zabinski R, Senter PD, Poelstra K, Molema G, Kok RJ. Improved efficacy of a (v) b (3)-targeted albumin conjugates by conjugation of a novel auristatin derivative. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2007; 4(5):686-694. DOI

  21. Proost JH, Schiere S, Eleveld DJ, Wierda JMKH. Simultaneous versus sequential pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic population analysis using iterative two-stage baysian texhnique. Biopharmaceutics & drug Disposition, 2007; 28(8):455-473. DOI

  22. De Borst MH, Prakash J, Melenhorst WBWH, van den Heuvel MC, Kok RJ, Navis G, van Goor H. Glomerular and tubular induction of the transcription factor c-Jun in human renal disease. Journal of Pathology , 2007; 213(2):219-228. DOI

  23. van de Kerkhof EG, de Graaf IAM, Groothuis GMM. In vitro methods to study intestinal drug metabolism. Current Drug Metabolism , 2007; 8(7):658-675. DOI

  24. Weeke-Klimp A, Bartsch M, Morselt HWM, van Veen-Hof I, Meijer DKF, Scherphof GL, Kamps JAAM. Targeting of stabilized plasmid lipid particles to hepatocytes in vivo by means of coupled lactoferrin. Journal of Drug Targeting , 2007; 15(9):585-594. DOI

  25. Adrian JE, Poelstra K, Kamps JAAM. Addressing liver fibrosis with liposomes targeted to hepatic stellate cells. Journal of Liposome Research, 2007; 17(3):205-218. DOI

  26. de Graaf IAM, Groothuis GMM, Olinga P. Precision-cut tissue slices as a tool to predict metabolism of novel drugs. Expert Opinion on Drug metabolism & Toxicology, 2007; 3(6):879-898. DOI

Professional Publications 2007
  1. Van de Bovenkamp M, Groothuis G, Olinga P. Liver fibrosis in vitro: liver slices as a promising alternative. Netherlands Centre Alternatives to Animal Use - Newsletter, 2007;(22 - March):8-9.
  2. Proost, JH. Therapeutic drug monitoring van tacrolimus na levertransplantatie bij kinderen. Foliolum, 2007; xx(IV, april) :36-39
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