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Publications 2003

Scientific Publications in 2003
  1. Everts M, Koning GA, Kok RJ, Asgeirsdottir SA, Vestweber D, Meijer DKF, Storm G, Molema G (2003). In vitro cellular handling and in vivo targeting of E-selectin-directed immunoconjugates and immunoliposomes used for drug delivery to inflamed endothelium. Pharmaceutical Research, 20, 64-72. DOI

  2. Eriksson HJC, Verweij WR, Poelstra K, Hinrichs WLJ, Jong GJ, Somsen GW, Frijlink HW (2003). Investigations into the stabilisation of drugs by sugar glasses: II. Delivery of an inulin-stabilised alkaline phosphatase in the intestinal lumen via the oral route. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 257, 273-281 DOI

  3. Melger BN, Weert B, Schellekens H, Meijer DKF, Poelstra K (2003). The Pharmacokinetic and biolgical activity profile of dexametasone targeted to sinusoidal endothelial and kupffer cells. Journal of Drug Targeting, 11, 1-10. DOI

  4. van der Strate BWA, de Boer FM, Bakker HI, Meijer DKF, Molema G, Harmsen MC (2003). Synergy of bovine lactoferrin with the anti-cytomegalovirus drug cidofovir in vitro. Antiviral Research, 58, 159-165. DOI

  5. Àsgeirsdottir SA, Kok RJ, Everts M, Meijer DKF, Molema G (2003). Delivery of pharmacologically active dexamethasone into activated endothelial cells by dexamethasone-anti-E-selectin immunoconjugate. Biochem.Pharmacol., 65, 1729-1739. DOI

  6. Van Montfoort JE, Hagenbuch B, Groothuis GMM, Koepsell H, Meier PJ, Meijer DKF (2003). Drug uptake systems in liver and kidney. Curr.Drug Metab, 4, 185-211. DOI

  7. Haas M, de Boer E, de Jong PE, Moolenaar F, Meijer DKF, de Zeeuw D (2003). Effects of anti-proteinuric therapy with angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibition on renal protein catabolism in the adriamycin-induced nephrotic rat. Clin.Sci.(Lond), 105, 51-57. DOI

  8. Schoemaker MH, Gommans WM, de la Rosa LC, Homan M, Klok P, Trautwein C, van Goor H, Poelstra K, Haisma HJ, Jansen PLM, Moshage H (2003). Resistance of rat hepatocytes against bile acid-induced apoptosis in cholestatic liver injury is due to nuclear factor-kappa B activation. J.Hepatol., 39, 153-161 DOI

  9. Beljaars L, Weert B, Geerts A, Meijer DKF, Poelstra K (2003). The preferential homing of a platelet derived growth factor receptor-recognizing macromolecule to fibroblast-like cells in fibrotic tissue. Biochem.Pharmacol., 66, 1307-1317 DOI

  10. van der Strate BWA, Hillebrands JL, Lycklama à Nijeholt SS, Beljaars L, Bruggeman CA, Van Luyn MJA, Rozing J, The TH, Meijer DKF, Molema G, Harmsen MC (2003). Dissemination of rat cytomegalovirus through infected granulocytes and monocytes in vitro and in vivo. J.Virol., 77, 11274-11278. DOI

  11. Keller F, Proost JH, Aronoff GR (2003).  Editorial: NephroPharmacology 6. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther,41(10): 450.

  12. Proost JH, Punt NC (2003).  Dose individualization in PharmDis-e+. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther, 41, 451-458.

  13. Kapojos JJ, Poelstra K, Borghuis T, Van Den Berg A, Baelde HJ, Klok PA, Bakker WW (2003). Induction of glomerular alkaline phosphatase after challenge with lipopolysaccharide. Int.J.Exp.Pathol., 84, 135-144. DOI

  14. Kapojos JJ, Van Den Berg A, van Goor H, Te Loo MWM, Poelstra K, Borghuis T, Bakker WW (2003). Production of hemopexin by TNF-alpha stimulated human mesangial cells. Kidney Int., 63, 1681-1686. DOI 

  15. Schiffelers RM, Koning GA, ten Hagen TLM, Fens MHAM, Schraa AJ, Janssen AP.A., Kok RJ, Molema G, Storm G (2003).  Anti-tumor efficacy of tumor vasculature-targeted liposomal doxorubicin. J.Control Release, 91, 115-122. DOI

  16. Janssen APCA, Schiffelers RM, ten Hagen TL, Koning GA, Schraa AJ, Kok RJ, Storm G, Molema G (2003).  Peptide-targeted PEG-liposomes in anti-angiogenic therapy. Int.J.Pharm., 254, 55-58. DOI

  17. de Graaf IAM, Koster HJ (2003). Cryopreservation of precision-cut tissue slices for application in drug metabolism research. Toxicol.In Vitro, 17, 1-17 DOI

  18. Everts M, Àsgeirsdóttir SA, Kok RJ, Twisk J, de Vries B, Lubberts E, Bos EJ, Werner N, Meijer DKF,  Molema G (2003). Comparison of E-selectin expression at mRNA and protein levels in murine models of inflammation. Inflammation research, 52, 512-518 DOI

Professional Publications in 2003
  1. Groothuis, G. Onderzoek de effecten op geneesmiddelen met minder proefdieren (project GFA.5697). 2002, 138-140. 2003. Jaarverslag STW 2002.

  2. Proost JH. Farmacokinetische modeling en analyse. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2003; 138(44): 1550-1555.

  3. Van Luin M (2003). Targeting van een COX-2-remmer naar de fibrotische lever. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad, 138 (33/34), 1182-1183.

  4. Molema G, Asgeirsdóttir SA, Schraa AJ, Kok RJ (2003). Doelgerichte therapieën tegen ontstekingsziekten en kanker in opmars. Conceptuur, 34, 9-11.

  5. Bank R, Poelstra K (2003). Nieuwe wegen naar de behandeling van fibrose. Conceptuur, 37, 6-8

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