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Billerbeck group Publications

Please find an overview of publications below.


Billerbeck, S., Prins, R. C., & Marquardt, M. (2023). A Modular Cloning Toolkit Including CRISPRi for the Engineering of the Human Fungal Pathogen and Biotechnology Host Candida glabrata. ACS Synthetic Biology, 12, 1358-1363. Article 00560.
Aldulijan, I., Beal, J., Billerbeck, S., Bouffard, J., Chambonnier, G., Ntelkis, N., Guerreiro, I., Holub, M., Ross, P., Selvarajah, V., Sprent, N., Vidal, G., & Vignoni, A. (2023). Functional Synthetic Biology. Synthetic biology (Oxford, England), 8(1), Article ysad006.
Widodo, W. S., & Billerbeck, S. (2023). Natural and engineered cyclodipeptides: Biosynthesis, chemical diversity, and engineering strategies for diversification and high-yield bioproduction. Engineering Microbiology, 3(1), Article 100067.


Bhatt, D., Crooijmans, M. E., Coenradij, J., Macia Valero, A., Lubbers, M. J., Asin-Garcia, E., Amy Yewdall, N., D'Adamo, S., Claassens, N. J., & Billerbeck, S. (2022). A SynBio community comes of age: Political, academical, industrial, and societal developments in the Netherlands. Biotechnology notes, 3, 62-69. Advance online publication.
Billerbeck, S., Oliveira, A. G., & Gonçalves, A. P. (2022). Editorial: Fungi as cell factories: Genetic engineering and applications. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 10, Article 1109992.
Beal, J., Telmer, C. A., Vignoni, A., Boada, Y., Baldwin, G. S., Hallett, L., Lee, T., Selvarajah, V., Billerbeck, S., Brown, B., Cai, G. N., Cai, L., Eisenstein, E., Kiga, D., Ross, D., Alperovich, N., Sprent, N., Thompson, J., Young, E. M., ... Haddock-Angelli, T. (2022). Multicolor plate reader fluorescence calibration. Synthetic Biology, 7(1), 1-9.
Billerbeck, S. (2022). Self-growing environmentally responsive houses made from agricultural waste and fungal mycelia. Synthetic biology (Oxford, England), 7(1), Article ysac003.


Kuiper, B. P., Prins, R. C., & Billerbeck, S. (2022). Oligo pools as an affordable source of synthetic DNA for cost-effective library construction in protein- and metabolic pathway engineering. ChemBioChem, 23(7), Article 202100507. Advance online publication.
Billerbeck, S., & Cornish, V. W. (2022). Peptide-Dependent Growth in Yeast via Fine-Tuned Peptide/GPCR-Activated Essential Gene Expression. Biochemistry, 61(3), 150-159. Article 00661. Advance online publication.
Prins, R. C., & Billerbeck, S. (2021). A buffered media system for yeast batch culture growth. BMC Microbiology, 21(1), Article 127.
Billerbeck, S. (2021). A computational walk to the hidden peaks of protein performance. Synthetic biology (Oxford, England), 6(1), Article ysab011.
Billerbeck, S. (2021). Moving towards chemical-free agriculture, 37 kb at a time. Synthetic biology (Oxford, England), 6(1), Article ysab009.
Billerbeck, S. (2021). Synthetic biological toggle circuits that respond within seconds and teach us new biology. Synthetic biology (Oxford, England), 6(1). Advance online publication.


Billerbeck, S. (2020). Directed evolution of synthetic coexistence: A new path towards ecosystem design? Synthetic biology (Oxford, England), 5(1), Article ysaa025.


Billerbeck, S., Brisbois, J., Agmon, N., Jimenez, M., Temple, J., Shen, M., Boeke, J. D., & Cornish, V. W. (2019). Author correction: A scalable peptide-GPCR language for engineering multicellular communication (vol 9, 5057, 2018). Nature Communications, 10, Article 554.


Billerbeck, S., Brisbois, J., Agmon, N., Jimenez, M., Temple, J., Shen, M., Boeke, J. D., & Cornish, V. W. (2018). A scalable peptide-GPCR language for engineering multicellular communication. Nature Communications, 9, Article 5057.
Billerbeck, S. (2018). Small Functional Peptides and Their Application in Superfunctionalizing Proteins. In C. Smolke, S. Y. Lee, J. Nielsen, & G. Stephanopoulos (Eds.), Synthetic Biology: Parts, Devices and Applications (Vol. 8, pp. 217-235). Wiley Online Library.


Ostrov, N., Jimenez, M., Billerbeck, S., Brisbois, J., Matragrano, J., Ager, A., & Cornish, V. W. (2017). A modular yeast biosensor for low-cost point-of-care pathogen detection. Science Advances, 3(6), Article e1603221.
Oesterle, S., Roberts, T. M., Widmer, L. A., Mustafa, H., Panke, S., & Billerbeck, S. (2017). Sequence-based prediction of permissive stretches for internal protein tagging and knockdown. BMC Biology, 15, Article 100.


Hold, C., Billerbeck, S., & Panke, S. (2016). Forward design of a complex enzyme cascade reaction. Nature Communications, 7, Article 12971.


Billerbeck, S., Haerle, J., & Panke, S. (2013). The good of two worlds: increasing complexity in cell-free systems. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 24(6), 1037-1043.
Billerbeck, S., Calles, B., Mueller, C. L., de Lorenzo, V., & Panke, S. (2013). Towards functional orthogonalisation of protein complexes: individualisation of GroEL monomers leads to distinct quasihomogeneous single rings. ChemBioChem, 25(14), 2310-2312.


Billerbeck, S., & Panke, S. (2012). A genetic replacement system for selection-based engineering of essential proteins. Microbial Cell Factories, 11, Article 110.
Billerbeck, S., & Panke, S. (2012). Synthetische Biologie – Biotechnologie als eine Ingenieurwissenschaft. In J. Boldt, O. Mueller, & G. Maio (Eds.), Leben schaffen?: Philosophische und ethische Reflexionen zur Synthetischen Biologie (Vol. 1, pp. 19-41). Mentis Verlag GmbH.
Billerbeck, S., Dietz, S., Morgado, G., & Panke, S. (2012). Technologies for Biosystems Engineering. In C. Wittmann, & S. Y. Lee (Eds.), Systems Metabolic Engineering (Vol. 1, pp. 83-108). Springer.


Bujara, M., Billerbeck, S., & Panke, S. (2011). Multienzymnetzwerke für die Feinchemie. BIOspektrum, 17(4), 399-401.


Bujara, M., Schümperli, M., Billerbeck, S., Heinemann, M., & Panke, S. (2010). Exploiting Cell-Free Systems: Implementation and Debugging of a System of Biotransformations. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 106(3), 376-389.
Bujara, M., Billerbeck, S., Greve, F., & Panke, S. (2010). Synthetic biology for biocatalysis. In K. N. Timmis, T. J. McGenity, J. R. van der Meer, & V. de Lorenzo (Eds.), Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology (1 ed., pp. 2939-2950). Springer.
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