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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology

Organization, collaborations and funding

The research group Molecular Cell Biology is participating in the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB ) of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen. The group consists of 10-15 members (post-docs, PhD students, undergraduate students and technicians) and is of strong international composition.

The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Ida J. van der Klei. She is main applicant and coordinator of the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network PerFuMe (Grant MEuro 3.9) in which 8 European research institutions and three companies collaborate on various aspects of peroxisome biology in fungi, plant and mammals. Van der Klei is at position 27 of the most cited authors of fungal research over the period 1999-2010 (Lab Times 2012, 5: 56). The group was rated very good – excellent in the last assessment of research quality of Biology research in the Netherlands (2012).

The Molecular Cell Biology group has a strong international position in the field of molecular cell biology of peroxisomes in yeast. The Molecular Cell Biology group participates in various national programs including the BE-basic program, the Groningen Institute for Synthetic Biology and the NWO-ZonMW funded National Centre for Systems Biology of Energy Metabolism and Ageing (CS-EMA).

Collaborations at the University of Groningen:

Prof. Dr. Barbara Bakker

Prof. Dr. R.A.L. Bovenberg (DSM)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinemann

National Collaborations:

Dr. J. M Daran (Delft)

Dr. P. Daran-Lapujade (Delft)

Prof. Dr. J.T. Pronk (Delft)

Prof. Dr. G. Vriend (Nijmegen)

Prof. Dr. R.J. Wanders (Amsterdam)

International collaborations:

Prof. Dr. R. Erdmann (Bochum, Germany)

Prof. Dr. E. Hettema (Sheffield, UK)

Prof. Dr. S.D. Kohlwein (Graz, Austria)

Prof. Dr. F. Madeo (Graz, Austria)

Prof. Dr. N. Pfanner (Freiburg, Germany)

Prof. Dr. S. Reumann (Hamburg, Germany)

Prof. Dr. M. Schrader (Exeter, UK)

Prof. Dr. M. Wilmanns (EMBL, Hamburg)

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