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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology


ClustalW – Multiple sequence alignment

Tcoffee – Multiple sequence alignment

S. Cerevisiae Ubiquitination Database

GGbase – Human Ubiquitination database

Uniprot – Protein knowledgebase

ExPASy – Bioinformatics Resource portal

Protparam – Protein parameter prediction tool

DNA to Protein translation program

Lalign – DNA and protein alignment program

Secondary structure prediction programs

Tertiary structure prediction programs

SMART – Protein domain prediction tool

Pubmed – scientific literature database

S. cerevisiae genome database

H. polymorpha genome database

Boxshade – Publication quality sequence alignments

PDB – Protein structure databank

Analysing gels and western blots with ImageJ

Cyclebase – Database of cell cycle regulation

Prediction of transmembrane domains in proteins

Book Chemidoc

Journal citation reports

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