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Research GBB Membrane Enzymology Research


The research program focuses on the mechanisms of membrane transport in microorganisms. The aim is to obtain insight in the functioning of individual transport proteins, as well as in the embedding of these proteins in a cellular context. The broad spectrum of techniques used in the group makes it possible to pursue both the in vitro and the in vivo approaches.

In addition the group is involved in the optimization of gene expression and identification of bottlenecks in membrane protein production, which an essential step in the in vitro approach of studying transport mechanisms.

Cellular osmoregulation

  • Compatible solute uptake
  • Mechanosensitive channels
  • Diffusional barriers

Bacterial vitamin transport

Amino acid and peptide transport

  • ABC transport
  • Secondary active transport

Yeast Organellar transport

  • Transport across the nuclear pore complex
  • Vacuolar transport

Pore forming peptides

Optimization of membrane protein production

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