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Article in Energies: An Exploratory Agent-Based Modeling Analysis Approach to Test Business Models for Electricity Storage | Ahmad Mir Mohammadi Kooshknow

02 April 2020

Authors: Seyed Ahmad Reza Mir Mohammadi Kooshknow, Rob den Exter and Franco Ruzzenenti.

Journal: Energies 2020, 13(7), 1617.


Electricity storage systems (ESSs) are potential solutions to facilitate renewable energy transition. Lack of viable business models, as well as high levels of uncertainty in technology, economic, and institutional factors, form main barriers for wide implementation of ESSs worldwide and in the Netherlands. Therefore, the design of business models for an ESS is necessary for the development of ESSs. We elaborated on this problem before, and developed a design space for business models of ESSs in the context of the Netherlands. This conceptual paper provides a further view on barriers and uncertainties of ESS development in the Netherlands through the involvement of a business practitioner, elaboration of goals, objectives, and testing of ESS business model designs, suggests and provides a theoretical foundation for combining agent-based modeling and exploratory modeling analysis as a method to test and explore ESS business models, and provides an abstract conceptual agent-based model design thereof. This work can be used as a foundation of detailed design and implementation of models for testing ESS business models in the Netherlands and worldwide.

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