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Research Integrated Research on Energy, Environment and Society | IREES Future Planet Innovation (FPI)


The minor Future Planet Innovation aims to contribute to a sustainable society. Students will learn how to make choices in a rapidly changing world and how to design feasible solutions.

The minor consists of two blocks of 15 ECTS each. The first semester (1A) entails two courses: Global Challenges (10 ECTS) and Global Integration (5 ECTS). During the second semester (1B) students work on an actual project in multidisciplinary teams in the course Sustainable Contributions to Society (15 ECTS).

Global Challenges (10 ECTS)

Lecture-series discuss actual topics (e.g. energy, biobased economy, nature, lifestyle), giving background from both natural sciences, social sciences and arts. This means that lecturers from all faculties as well as experts from society contribute to this course. Apart from lectures, students also write a paper in pairs in this course. In this paper they analyse different aspects of a chosen sustainability issue. More information can be found on Ocasys.

Global Integration (5 ECTS)

Active student participation is central in this course. Interactive forms of learning will help you to integrate the many perspectives of sustainability and apply those on real-life and actual problems. You will learn how to design feasible interventions for specific regions from a global perspective in a serious game; Think global, act local! More information can be found on Ocasys.

Sustainable Contributions to Society (15 ECTS)

During the second block of the minor you will work in a multi-disciplinary group of students to provide a sustainability advice for a real life client. You analyse the different sustainability aspects of the topic and look for societal input by actively searching for stakeholders. During the project, you will receive tailor-made feedback by specialized staff. Different workshops guide you to the end-result: a report which discusses your own action plan and a final presentation for invited experts from the field. To get inspired, you can read through the projects of previous editions. More information can be found on Ocasys.

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