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About us FEB Research / FEB FEB Research Institute (FEBRI) Research programme OB Research

OB Research

Director: Prof. Janka Stoker

The research conducted within the OB research programme focuses on the human side of organizations: How can the motivation of and cooperation between employees of organizations be optimized to facilitate individual and team effectiveness positive attitudes, and well-being. The research programme comprises five interconnected research themes: teams, diversity, innovation, leadership, and ethical behavior.

Research within these themes examines

  1. the relationship between the design, functioning, and outcomes of work teams,
  2. the impact of differences between employees on individual motivation and effectiveness, and the conditions under which these differences lead to positive or negative outcomes for organizations,
  3. how personal and work context characteristics (de)motivate employees to come up with creative ideas that can improve and innovate work processes, products, or services,
  4. how and under which conditions leadership behaviors positively affect individual and organizational effectiveness, and
  5. the variables that influence individuals’ (un)ethical behavior.

Researchers of HRM&OB research programme conduct research in a wide variety of settings, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, and the service industry. They have expertise in using a variety of research methods including surveys, interviews, and observations. A variety of research approaches is used, including longitudinal and multilevel data collections, field and lab experiments, case studies, and simulation studies. Members of the programme have (co-)authored numerous influential articles in top journals like the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, and Organization Science.

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