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Research Groningen Institute of Archaeology About the institute

Prof. P.(Peter)A.J. Attema


Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology

e-mail: p.a.j.attema

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Landscape and Survey Archaeology in the Mediterranean World

  • Protohistory of Italy, early urbanization and Greek and Roman colonization in Italy

  • Survey and excavation in Lazio, Central Italy (Pontine Region Project)

  • Survey in Calabria, South Italy (Raganello Archaeological Project)

  • Pottery studies

Selection of publications

Attema, P.A.J., T.C.A. de Haas & G.W. Tol, 2011. Between Satricum and Antium, Settlement dynamics in a Coastal Landscape in Latium Vetus. Babesch Supplement 18. Leuven/Paris//Walpole, MA, Peeters.

Attema, P.A.J., G.-J. Burgers & P.M. van Leusen, 2010. Regional pathways to complexity: Landuse dynamics in early Italy from the Bronze Age to the Republican period. Amsterdam Archaeological Studies 15. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press.

Attema, P. A. J., 2008. Conflict or Coexistence? Remarks on Indigenous Settlement and Greek Colonization in the Foothills and Hinterland of the Sibaritide (Northern Calabria, Italy). In: P. Guldager Bilde & J. Hjarl Petersen (eds.), Meetings of Cultures, between Conflicts and Coexistence, 67-99. Aarhus, Aarhus University Press.

Attema, P.A.J., 2005. Early Urbanization between 800 and 600 BC in the Pontine Region (South Lazio): the Salento Isthmus (Apulia), and the Sibaritide (Northern Calabria). In: R. Osborne & B. Cunliffe (eds.), Mediterranean Urbanization 800 - 600 BC. Proceedings of the British Academy 126, 113-142. Oxford/New York, Oxford University Press.

Attema, P.A.J. & P.M. van Leusen, 2004. Intra-regional and Inter-regional Comparison of Occupation Histories in Three Italian Regions: The RPC Project. In: S.E. Alcock & J.F. Cherry (eds.), Side-by-Side Survey: Comparative Regional Studies in the Mediterranean Worl, 86-100. Oxford, Oxbow Books.

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