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Prof. Louwrens Hacquebord

L. Hacquebord
L. Hacquebord


Professor of Arctic Archaeology

e-mail: l.hacquebord



Expertise and Research Interests

Exploration and exploitation of the Arctic; Ecological consequences of prehistoric hunting activities in polar regions; Impact of large scale industrial activities in the Arctic Polar heritage; Exploitation of the northern sea-clay region (terpen and wierden region) in the Netherlands


Selected Publications

Hacquebord, L., 2004. Dutch Cultural heritage in the Arctic. In: Susan Barr & Paul Chaplin (ed.), Cultural Heritage in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions. Oslo, ICOMOS, Monuments and Sites. 73-78.


Hacquebord, L., 2004. The Jan Mayen Whaling Industry. Its Exploitation of the Greenland Right Whale and its Impact on the marine Ecosystem. In: S. Skreslet (ed.), Jan Mayen in Scientific Focus. Amsterdam, Kluwer Academic Publishers.  229-238.


Hacquebord, L., F. Steenhuisen & H.J. Waterbolk, 2004. English and Dutch Whaling Trade and Whaling Stations in Spitsbergen ( Svalbard) before 1660. International Journal of Maritime History XV no. 2, 117-134.


Hacquebord, 2001. Three Centuries of Whaling and Walrus Hunting in Svalbard and its Impact on the Arctic Ecosystem Environment and History 7.2, 169-185.


Hacquebord, L. 2001. An archaeological survey in the Delta of the Northern Dvina in Russia. Circumpolar Journal 16.2, 16-28.


Węsławski, J.M., L. Hacquebord, L. Stempniewicz & M. Malinga, 2000. Greenland . Whales and walruses in the Svalbard  food web before and after exploitation. Oceanologia 42.1, 37-56.


Hacquebord, L., 1999. The hunting of the Greenland right whale in Svalbard, its interaction with climate and its impact on the marine ecosystem. Polar Research 18:2 [2000], 375-382.


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