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Dr Albert J. Nijboer

A.J. Nijboer
A.J. Nijboer

Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology

e-mail: a.j.nijboer

Expertise and Research Interests

Mediterranean Archaeology, especially the developments in Italy from the Late Bronze Age into the 5th century BC; Chronology; Fieldwork, excavations in Latium Vetus, Italy

Conservation and Material Studies

Selected publications

Nijboer, A.J., 2006. Organizzazione della produzione e modalità dello scambio dal Bronzo finale al periodo arcaico. Atti della XXXIX Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria, Materie prime e scambi nella Preistoria italiana. Firenze, Cocchi Genick. 109-143.

Nijboer A.J. & J. van der Plicht, 2006. An interpretation of the radiocarbon determinations of the oldest indigenous- Phoenician stratum thus far, excavated at Huelva, Tartessos (south-west Spain). BABesch 81, 41-46.

Nijboer, A.J., 2005. The Iron Age in the Mediterranean: a Chronological Mess or ‘Trade before the Flag’, Part II.  Ancient West & East 4.2, 255-277.

Attema, P.A.J., A.J. Nijboer & T. de Haas, 2003. The Astura project, interim report of the 2002 and 2002 campaigns of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology along the coast between Nettuno and Torre Asture (Lazio, Italy).  BABesch 78, 107-140.

Nijboer, A.J., 1998. From Household Production to Workshops; Archaeological evidence for economic transformations, pre-monetary exchange and urbanisation in central Italy from 800 to 400 BC. PhD-thesis, Groningen University.

Nijboer, A.J., 1994. The ‘Roman-Oscan’ and ‘Campanian’ pound: a pair of early fixed metallic monetary units from  Borgo le Ferriere (Satricum). Numismatic Chronicle 154, 1-16.

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