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Dr Albert J. Nijboer

A.J. Nijboer
A.J. Nijboer


Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology




Expertise and Research Interests

Mediterranean Archaeology, especially the developments in Italy from the Late Bronze Age into the 5th century BC; Chronology; Fieldwork, excavations in Latium Vetus, Italy

Conservation and Material Studies


Selected publications

Nijboer, A.J., 2006. Organizzazione della produzione e modalità dello scambio dal Bronzo finale al periodo arcaico. Atti della XXXIX Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria, Materie prime e scambi nella Preistoria italiana. Firenze, Cocchi Genick. 109-143.


Nijboer A.J. & J. van der Plicht, 2006. An interpretation of the radiocarbon determinations of the oldest indigenous- Phoenician stratum thus far, excavated at Huelva, Tartessos (south-west Spain). BABesch 81, 41-46.


Nijboer, A.J., 2005. The Iron Age in the Mediterranean: a Chronological Mess or ‘Trade before the Flag’, Part II.  Ancient West & East 4.2, 255-277. 


Attema, P.A.J., A.J. Nijboer & T. de Haas, 2003. The Astura project, interim report of the 2002 and 2002 campaigns of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology along the coast between Nettuno and Torre Asture (Lazio, Italy).  BABesch 78, 107-140.


Nijboer, A.J., 1998. From Household Production to Workshops; Archaeological evidence for economic transformations,  pre-monetary exchange and urbanisation in central Italy from 800 to 400 BC. PhD-thesis, Groningen University.


Nijboer, A.J., 1994. The ‘Roman-Oscan’ and ‘Campanian’ pound: a pair of early fixed metallic monetary units from  Borgo le Ferriere (Satricum). Numismatic Chronicle 154, 1-16.


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