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New publications: September 2020 - February 2021

04 March 2021

At GION education/research we value the importance of knowledge sharing and open science. To inform you about our scientific output, you can find all recent publications at a glance in this update about new publications written or co-authored by GION staff members.

Please do not hesitate to contact the authors in case a manuscript is unavailable to you.

  • Dijks, M. A., Warrens, M. J., Fleur, E., Korpershoek, H., Wichgers, I. J. M., & Bosker, R. J. (2020). The predictive power of track recommendations in Dutch secondary education. Pedagogische Studiën, 97(4), 263-280.
  • Zhou, Y., Diemers, A. D., Brouwer, J., Muntinghe, F. L. H., Duvivier, R. J., Pols, J., Jaarsma, A. D. C., & Bos, N. A. (2020). The influence of mixing international and domestic students on competency learning in small groups in undergraduate medical education. BMC Medical Education, 20(1), [353].
  • Meijer, A., Königs, M., van der Fels, I. M. J., Visscher, C., Bosker, R. J., Hartman, E., & Oosterlaan, J. (2020). The Effects of Aerobic Versus Cognitively Demanding Exercise Interventions on Executive Functioning in School-Aged Children: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of sport & exercise psychology, 1-13.
  • Mouw, J., Saab, N., Gijlers, H., Hickendorff, M., van Paridon, Y., & Van den Broek, P. (2020). The differential effect of perspective-taking ability on profiles of cooperative behaviours and learning outcomes. Frontline Learning Research, 8(6), 88-113.
  • Hingstman, M., Doolaard, S., Warrens, M. J., & Bosker, R. J. (2020). Supporting young struggling readers at Success for All schools in the United States and the Netherlands: Comparative case studies. Research in Comparative and International Education.
  • Veldman, M. A., & Doolaard, S. (2020). Succes in groepjes. Didactief.
  • Veldman, M. A., Hingstman, M., Doolaard, S., Snijders, T. A. B., & Bosker, R. J. (2020). Promoting students' social behavior in primary education through Success for All lessons. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 67, [100934].
  • Mendive, S., Mascareno Lara, M., Aldoney, D., Perez, J. C., & Pezoa, J. P. (2020). Home Language and Literacy Environments and Early Literacy Trajectories of Low-Socioeconomic Status Chilean Children. Child Development, 91(6), 2042-2062.
  • van Gaalen, A. E. J., Brouwer, J., Schönrock-Adema, J., Bouwkamp-Timmer, T., Jaarsma, A. D. C., & Georgiadis, J. R.(2020). Gamification of health professions education: a systematic review. Advances in Health Sciences Education.
  • Graupe, T., Fischer, M. R., Strijbos, J-W., & Kiessling, C. (2020). Development and piloting of a Situational Judgement Test for emotion-handling skills using the Verona Coding Definitions of Emotional Sequences (VR-CoDES). Patient Education and Counseling, 103(9), 1839-1845.
  • Spithoff, M. (2020). De wereld als experiment. Ten Brink Uitgevers.
  • van der Cingel, M., & Brouwer, J. (2021). What makes a nurse today? A debate on the nursing professional identity and its need for change. Nursing philosophy: an international journal for healthcare professionals, [e12343].
  • Akkermans-Rutgers, M., Doornenbal, J., Kassenberg, A., Bosker, R., & Doolaard, S. (2021). Is the twig bent as the tree is inclined? Children and parents interacting with school-distributed literacy assignments. Psychology in the Schools, 58(2), 377-399.
  • Korpershoek, H., King, R. B., McInerney, D., Nasser, R., Ganotice, F., & Watkins, D. A. (2021). Gender and cultural differences in school motivation. Research Papers in Education, 36(1), 27-51. [36].
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