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New publications: March - June 2021

08 July 2021

At GION education/research we value the importance of knowledge sharing and open science. To inform you about our scientific output, you can find all recent publications at a glance in this update about new publications written or co-authored by GION staff members.

Please do not hesitate to contact the authors in case a manuscript is unavailable to you.

  • Brummer, L. (2021). Unrooting the illusion of one-size-fits-all feedback in digital learning environments [Doctoral dissertation, University of Groningen].
  • Meijer, A., Pouwels, P. J. W., Smith, J., Visscher, C., Bosker, R. J., Hartman, E., Oosterlaan, J., & Königs, M. (2021). The relationship between white matter microstructure, cardiovascular fitness, gross motor skills, and neurocognitive functioning in children. Journal of Neuroscience Research. Advance online publication.
  • Chicco, D., Warrens, M. J., & Jurman, G. (2021). The Matthews correlation coefficient (MCC) is more informative than Cohen's kappa and Brier score in binary classification assessment. IEEE Access, 9 , 78368–78381.
  • De Bruijn, A. G. M., Mombarg, R., & Timmermans, A. (2021). The importance of satisfying children’s basic psychological needs in primary school physical education for PE-motivation, and its relations with fundamental motor and PE-related skills. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. Advance online publication.
  • Hingstman, M. (2021). Supporting struggling students: Prevention and early intervention with Success for All [Doctoral dissertation, University of Groningen].
  • Blom, D. M., Warrens, M. J.. & Faber, M. (2021) School motivation profiles of Dutch 9th graders. Communications in Statistics: Case Studies Data Analysis and Application. Advance online publication.
  • Warrens, M. J., & Ebert, W. M. (2021). Predictive power of school motivation clusters in secondary education. In T. Chadjipadelis, B. Lausen, A. Markos, T. R. Lee, A. Montanari, & R. Nugent (Eds.), Data analysis and rationality in a complex world (pp. 341–349). Springer.
  • Cents-Boonstra, M., Lichtwarck-Aschoff, A., Mascareño Lara, M., & Denessen, E. (2021). Patterns of motivating teaching behaviour and student engagement: A microanalytic approach. European Journal of Psychology of Education. Advance online publication.
  • Muradchanian, J., Hoekstra, R., Kiers, H., & Van Ravenzwaaij, D. (2021). How best to quantify replication success? A simulation study on the comparison of replication success metrics. Royal Society Open Science, 8(5). Article 01697.
  • Janssen, L., Huitsing, G., Ter Beek, B., & Timmermans, A. (2021). Gelijke kansen voor leerlingen met lager opgeleide ouders bij de overgang naar het voortgezet onderwijs? Onderzoek naar schoolloopbanen en perspectieven van beslissers. Mens & Maatschappij, 96(1), 7–30.
  • Slijkhuis, E. G. J. (2021). Fostering active citizenship in young adulthood: the predictive value of citizenship competences, socialization experiences and academic performance in adolescence [Doctoral dissertation, University of Groningen].
  • Längler, M., Brouwer, J., Timmermans, A., & Gruber, H. (2021). Exploring change in networks supporting the deliberate practice of popular musicians. Psychology of Music. Advance online publication.
  • Veldman, M. A. (2021). Better together: social outcomes of cooperative learning in the first grades of primary education [Doctoral dissertation, University of Groningen].
  • Van Kuijk, M., Mullender-Wijnsma, M., & Bosker, R. (2021). A Systematic Review of Studies Addressing the Implementation of the Evidence-Based Whole-School Reform “Success for All”. ECNU Review of Education. Advance online publication.
  • Timmermans, A., Rubie-Davies, C. M., & Wang, S. (2021). Adjusting expectations or maintaining first impressions? The stability of teachers' expectations of students’ mathematics achievement. Learning and Instruction, 75. Article 101483.
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