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OnderzoekGroningen Centre for Law and GovernanceCongressen, symposia, lezingenArchief2017 EISS Conference

Call for papers and submissions

Call for papers (pdf)

Researchers are kindly invited to participate at the EISS Conference 2017 by presenting a research paper in one of the following tracks:

  1. Devolution and Decentralisation: The Response of European Law
  2. Devolution and Decentralisation: Book Panel (submissions are only possible upon a prior invitation to participate in the publishing of the book)
  3. Devolution and Decentralisation : Miscellaneous
  4. Social Security: Young Researchers

The set-up of the conference aims at giving the floor to a greater number of researchers (both young and more experienced). The papers presented in the first track address the response of European law (EU law and ESC) to the devolution and decentralisation trends. In the second track, academics who were invited to participate in the publication of a book bearing the same title as the conference will present their contributions. The third track accommodates other research which fits within the theme of the conference. The range of subjects covered by the conference theme is big and exceeds the boundaries of a single academic discipline. Here is a shortlist of example subjects:

  • Philosophical, sociological and economical background of the decentralisation trend
  • Changes in law and institutional setting from a comparative perspective
  • Regional powers versus national responsibility and EU involvement
  • The division of financial responsibility between the national, the regional and the local level
  • Ministerial responsibility for the quality of the local welfare state
  • The governance split between functional and territorial decentralisation
  • Local authorities as the bearer of international responsibility of socio-economic fundamental rights
  • Local differentiation versus the principle of equal treatment
  • Citizen involvement in policy making, good and bad practices
  • Local discretion, tailor made decisions and the risk of arbitrary decision making
  • ICT solutions and privacy in a local environment
  • The problem of taking responsibility for excluded or marginalized groups (failed asylum seekers, the homeless, etc.)
  • Settlement of justice in the quasi legal sphere of the local welfare state
  • Models of civil society involvement
  • Contracting out to private partners versus in-house solutions
  • Not rowing but steering: national financial incentives and supervision

While the first three tracks are thematic and confined to the theme of the conference, the fourth track is of an open character. It provides young talent with the possibility to present their research in social security to a wider academic audience. The research conducted in this track must not necessarily have links with the devolution and decentralisation trends.


If you would like to present a research paper at the EISS Conference 2017, please follow this procedure:

  • Register on the conference website. Please take into account that attendance at the conference is limited to 100 participants ;
  • Send a paper abstract of max. 500 words to (deadline 17th of September). Please include the (concept) title of the paper, an indication of the relevant track number (1, 2 or 3) and a short list of keywords that describe your topic.

Important dates

Please take into account the following important dates:

  • 15th of August : notification of acceptance of the paper proposal
  • 10th of September : deadline for the submission of the final paper (max. 5000 words)
  • 17th of September : deadline for the submission of a paper abstract (max. 500 words)
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