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Sandy Schmidt awarded NWO Vidi grant

01 July 2022

Today, NWO announced that Dr. Sandy Schmidt has been awarded a prestigious Vidi grant, the only awardee in the Science domain at the University of Groningen this round. This grant from NWO’s flagship Talent programme allows Sandy to further expand her exciting research line on promiscuous enzymes as useful biocatalysts for the synthesis of pharmaceutically highly-relevant building blocks.

Dr. Sandy Schmidt
Dr. Sandy Schmidt

This is particularly relevant because the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are highly polluting industries. The use of enzymes can play a major role in solving this problem. Yet, several traditional chemical reactions cannot be performed by existing enzymes. As such, this Vidi project aims to expand the repertoire of enzymes for highly challenging chemical reactions, which will ultimately facilitate manufacturing pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and cosmetics in a more sustainable way.

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Last modified:01 July 2022 1.21 p.m.

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