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PhD defence Q. (Qian) Wang

When:Mo 05-10-2020 18:00 - 19:00
Where:Academy Building

MCR-Based Exploitation and Application of Diverse (Poly)Heterocyclic Scaffolds.

The aim of the dissertation of Qian Wang is to discuss the employment of environmentally friendly component ammonia in multicomponent reaction chemistry, to apply MCR methodologies aimed at expansion of the scaffolds significant and implementation of these scaffolds for the development of drug-like molecules in drug design and medicinal chemistry. In particular, the sequencing of MCRs and subsequent modifications is proved as a prominent strategy leading to high structural diversity and molecular complexity. Moreover, transition-metal-catalyzed annulation reactions have been extensively investigated in post-Ugi transformations, especially in the context of constructing nitrogen (N)-containing (poly)heterocycles. The last part of the thesis focuses on the new modality of proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) and their applications on cancer-causing proteins and MCR approach is successfully applied to synthesize the novel PROTACs.

Promotores: Prof.dr. A.S.S. Domling and Prof.dr. M.R. Groves

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