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Extra Seminar Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

When:Th 19-09-2019 11:15 - 12:00
Where:Room 326, Building 3111 (Antonius Deusinglaan 2)

Speaker:       Dr. Malgorzata Wlodarczyk-Biegun  

Title:             3D (bio)printing for medical applications

Host:             Prof. dr. M. Tromp


3D printing is a currently flourishing production technique based on layer-by-layer deposition of a material (the ink). It allows construction of hierarchical and complex 3-dimensional objects with great precision. This precise control over the location and amount of deposited material is of high interest for medical use. In this lecture, I will introduce the (bio) printing technique and present my current research line on developing advanced printable systems and printed designs for biomedical applications. I will focus on the research project devoted to the development of inks with reversible bonds, inspired by dynamic networks used by sea mussels. The proposed catechol end-functionalized PEG-based system with metal-coordination crosslinking is thoroughly characterized from a martials perspective. The novel inks allow to obtain objects with high resolution and great adhesive properties.