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Research ENTEG Green Chemical Reaction Engineering

Research topics

For Master and Bachelor students looking for a research topic, you can find a list of topics here.

Chemical recycling of waste plastics by (catalytic) pyrolysis

J. R. J. Strien, T. G. W. Engels, P. J. Deuss, H. J. Heeres

CO2/CO/H2 conversion to synthetic fuels via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

B.C.A de Jong, W. Meng, H. J. Heeres, J. Xie

Nitrogen containing chemical products from chitin

T. Wang, C. H. M van der Loo, A. Heeres, A. J. Minnaard, P. J. Deuss

Mild fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass

D. S. Zijlstra, W. Wang, S. Bertran Llorens,  Y. Fan, M. B. Godoy, P. J. Deuss

Catalytic conversion of lignin

Z. Zhang, W. Wang, G. Guo, P. J. Deuss

Biocatalytic transformation of biomass residues

M. Palazzolo, M. B. Godoy, S. Bertran Llorens, E. Jurak, P. J. Deuss

Lignin based materials

Y. Fan, D. S. Zijlstra, P. Raffa, P. J. Deuss

Green catalytic oxidation of starch

J. O. P. Broekman, H. J. Heeres, P. J. Deuss

Bio-based antimicrobial agents against citrus canker

L. Bonci Cavalca, P. J. Deuss, D. J. Scheffers

Lower olefins conversion to aromatics

P. Butolia, J. Xie, H. J. Heeres

Hydrogenolysis or hydrocracking of polyolefins

X. Huang, J. Xie, H. J. Heeres

Gas-liquid processing in packed bed microreactors for the synthesis of bio-based chemicals

L. Zhang, H. J. Heeres, J. Yue

5-Hydroxymethylfurfural synthesis in deep eutectic solvents in microreactors

C. Ruan, H. J. Heeres, J. Yue

Supercritical CO2 drying of starch

F. Perondi, H. J. Heeres, F. Picchioni, J. Yue

Conversion of tertiary cellulose to biobased chemicals

E. Jafariyeh Yazdi, J. Yue , G.J.W. Euverink

Solid particle flow in microreactors for gas separation and chemical synthesis  

J. Zong, H. J. Heeres, J. Yue

Centrifugal contactor separators for efficient biobased chemical processes

S. Sundaraiah, H. J. Heeres, J. Yue

Mass transfer and reaction modelling in gas-liquid microreactors

J. Wang, J. Yue

Xylose conversion to furfural

X. Tang, J. Yue, W. de Jong

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