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Education The Faculty Graduate Schools Graduate School of Science and Engineering Admission

1. Admission requirements

PhD candidates who meet the following admission requirements are directly admitted:

  • an internationally recognized Master’s degree in the relevant field. At least two of the three databases (Nuffic (Dutch), Naric (British), AEI (Australian)) have to assess the level of the degree in question as equivalent to a European or Australian degree
  • grades that demonstrate mastery of the subject material in the field of specialization
  • proof of English proficiency

PhD candidates who are currently studying for a Master’s degree but have not yet received a diploma are in principle admissible, if they submit proof of enrolment and a letter by their current university giving information about which parts of their programme they still need to complete and the date at which they will probably receive their degree.

PhD candidates who do not meet the admission requirements are formally assessed by the GSSE Admissions Board . Please provide a letter and evidence (in English) that the candidate has research experience comparable to a MSc graduate. Conditional admission is not possible.

Last modified:24 June 2020 11.32 a.m.